To choose Les Maisons de Cappadoce is to choose an original hotel experience synonymous with independence, intimacy and freedom.

History and concept

Les Maisons de Cappadoce were borne from the vision of a French architect, Jacques Avizou, who, back in the 90’s, fell in love with the beauty and the authenticity of the village of Uchisar, bought a summer house and adventurously and, perhaps, a little recklessly, undertook to restore the old part of the then neglected village. This pioneering work, carried out over a period of 20 years, was made possible thanks to a local, faithful, and dedicated team, trained in traditional architectural techniques. Jacques patiently transmitted his know-how of western construction techniques and requirements with the goal of reconciling tradition and modernity in an harmonious way.

Often copied but never equalled, the Maisons de Cappadoce propose unique places to unique visitors searching for an exceptional, off-the-beaten track experience.

During your stay with us, you won’t find flatbox Swedish furniture but locally made furniture, carpets, kilims and artifacts collected with care to enhance the distinctive details of each house. Only the kitchen equipment, the beds and the linen were imported for your greater comfort. During your stay at Les Maisons de Cappadoce, forget about schedules and dress code. You’re on Cappadocia time!

The team

We operate Les Maisons de Cappadoce in a family way. Our team is mostly staffed from the village, and have been with us since the beginning of the adventure.

Thoughtful, generous and devoted, Elif will welcome and assist you, so that you get the most of your house and stay in Cappadoce. You have a small handwritten note in your room upon arrival ? That’s Elif! You wish a particular service, a reservation of restaurant, hot air balloon flight, dervish show? Just talk to Elif!

The cleaningstaff in charge of your house will also discreetly deliver your breakfast basket in the evening, always with a smile. Fresh flowers of the garden upon your arrival? Et voilà !

Talking about breakfast, you will certainly become rapidly addicted to our home-made strawberry, orange, apricot, plum or peach jams made from local produce. Semra, who prepares them, will be hsppy to give you the recipes!

And to ensure that everything works perfectly, that flowers bloom in your garden, that wood burns in your fireplace and for so many other little things, Cengiz is never far away and always at hand.

We are here to help you!

By now, it may be obvious, but our main goal is to help make your stay unforgettable. Beyond offering you a magic place, we propose to assist you in many ways, such as:

• reserve your hot-air balloon flight with carefully selected, highly professional companies. Yes, it means early awakening, but we are sure that you will enjoy this unique experience, costly, yes, but such a magnificent experience;
• reserve a half-day walk with Mustafa, one of Uchisar’s best guides, to discover valleys and places beyond the tourist venues and thus help you understand the rich history of Cappadocia. Mustafa (and all our guides) speak not only Turkish, but English, French, Spanish or Italian. Mustafa is a story-teller and you will surely enjoy his company;
• reserve your car for delivery either at the airport or at your house;
• reserve a shuttle to or from the airport;
• reserve a horseback riding excursion with a serious and respectful company ;
• recommend 4 unmissable treks ;
• suggest the best restaurants in town ;
• -organize catered meals at your home ;
• -indicate our favorite small businesses and shops and antique dealers ;

This list is not exhaustive. So if you have any special needs, just come and see us, and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.